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Speck Sales Tire Pros carries premium lawn and garden tires plus specialty tires, including:

  • Lawn Mower Tires
  • Wheel Barrow Tires
  • Hand Cart Tires
  • Trailer Tires
  • ATV Tires

Our specialty tire inventory features leading manufacturers like Carlisle, Goodyear, Deestone, and more.

Lawn & Garden, ATV, Trailer Tires in Bowling Green, OH

Specialty Tire / Lawn & Garden Tire FAQ

What type of tread should I buy for my lawnmower?
Our tire professionals can help you decide what would be best for your specific use - just give us a call! We can ask the right questions to make sure you select the right tire for your mowing needs.

I keep getting flat tires - what can I do?
Switching to a different tread design or a heavier ply rating is probably all you need to do, but tire sealer may be another option. We're happy to give advice - just give us a call.

Can I switch to a different size tire on my lawnmower?
In most cases we can find a smaller or larger tire if you need to change sizes. With our extensive inventory and experience, we can assist in choosing the right tire for any use.

When Should I Change My Lawn & Garden Tires?
Lawn and garden tires can last for years with proper care, but eventually you'll need replacements. Here are a two signs that it's time for new tires:

    1) Low Tread: Bald tires and tires with low tread won't perform as well and can't provide the traction you need on the ground - especially after rain. You may even damage your lawn if there's no tread left.

      Tip: Check the tread depth of your tires with an upside down penny in one of the grooves. If you see Lincoln's head completely, start shopping for replacements.

    2) Dry Rot: If you notice dry rot or sidewall cracking, change your tires. Dry rot causes tires to lose air pressure and can cause a tire blowout.

      Tip: Prevent dry rot by storing tires out of the sun in a clean area. It's also a good idea to avoid cleaning products with harsh chemicals when cleaning your equipment and to make sure your tire pressure is at the correct level.

Lawn & Garden, ATV, Trailer Tires in Bowling Green, OH

When Should I Change My Trailer Tires?
Most manufacturers recommend you replace your trailer or ST tires every three to five years.

How Do Trailer Tires Differ from Passenger Vehicle Tires?
Passenger tires for a car or light truck are designed to turn and provide ride comfort. Trailer tires are designed to follow a vehicle. You should only use specialty trailer (ST) tires on a trailer.

What Type of ATV Tires Should I Choose?
The best ATV tires will differ depending on use. When choosing which ATV tires you want, consider where you ride. Manufacturers create mud tires, sand tires, and sport tires that offer specific benefits. If you need assistance finding the right ATV tire, talk with our staff. We'll get you set up so you can continue your outdoor adventures.

Contact us at (888) 301-1434 for more information regarding your lawn, trailer, and ATV tire needs. Our friendly, specialty tire professionals are here to help you with all of your questions or concerns.

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We handle Carlisle, Goodyear, Deestone, and several other brands.

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